A boy is treated in Children's Hospital at Young AmeriTowne with three others assisting.

Thanks to Children’s Hospital Colorado, Students Understand Financial and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand

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How important is having a plan? That’s an essential question faced by all social members during the wake and aftermath of this life-changing year.  At Young AmeriTowne, students know the importance of plans – savings plans, budgeting plans and investing plans. They also know financial health means leveraging the planning skills they develop during this engaging educational program to build …

AmeriTowne Market Sale in Grocery Store

Tales from Towne: Help Your Students Run Successful AmeriTowne Businesses

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Young AmeriTowne is a very fun and exciting place to be! It is an excellent way for students to learn about the free enterprise system, and it’s a place where students get to apply lessons they learned in school to real-life situations in a simulated Towne. AmeriTowne has 9-17 different businesses, also called shops, and there are different things that …

BYOB Finalists stand together and smile

Tales from Towne: End of Summer Review

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With warm weather and plenty of sunshine all around us, it’s hard to believe that summer is quickly coming to an end!  The end of summer means that Young Americans Center for Financial Education’s FUNancial Summer Camps are now complete as well.  With a total of 1,035 participants this year, we have lots of stories and memories to share.  Here …

Creating the OTR newspaper

Tales from Towne: Life Skills for All Types of Learners

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Students from Fletcher Miller School attended Young AmeriTowne On the Road last week, an experience that helped significantly impacted students work towards their unique goals. Fletcher Miller School, a Jefferson County Public School in Lakewood, Colorado, has been working with significantly impacted youth since 1963.  According to its website, the school’s mission is to “provide access to a high-quality education…that …

A student uses a debit card in AmeriTowne

Tales from Towne: Lessons in holiday spending

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, many folks are going shopping to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families. We are all trying to keep track of our spending and make wise financial decisions to protect our credit scores or our personal checking accounts. In Ameritowne and International Towne, students have a similar goal of recording purchases so …

Tales from Towne: Perlmutter Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Young AmeriTowne Opening Ceremonies

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In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, U.S. Representative Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) participated in a Young AmeriTowne Opening Ceremony. Young AmeriTowne is an educational program offered to 4th and 5th grade teachers to help teach students about business, economics and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. The Opening Ceremonies is a ribbon-cutting ceremony and swearing-in of elected student government …

Sponsor Spotlight: Seeing the wonders of the world—thank you AAA Colorado!

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What’s pocket-sized, blue and is a key to the world? The AAA Colorado International Towne passport! The 10,000 students who visit International Towne each year carry this special tool with them at all times. AAA Colorado has been sending Colorado travelers around the world since 1922, and they also send International Towne students around their own world of 16 countries. …

Tales from Towne: Towne Hall of Fame

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Thousands of kids have gone through Young AmeriTowne over the years, showcasing many different talents. Today, I want to look at the “artist talent” we see every day in Young Ameritowne. To practice real-life skills, the kids are given a postcard which they must properly address and apply a stamp. The twist, the stamp must be designed by them. As …

Tales from Towne: Personal Testimony from our Director of Young AmeriTowne

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It is easy to come to work each day when you believe in the mission of the company that you are working for, and understand the difference that you are making in the lives of young people. Young Americans Center offers many programs and activities that help teach and solidify real life concepts to kids of all ages. Being the …

Tales from Towne: Supply, Demand and the Warehouse

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Arguably one of the busiest shops in Young Ameritowne is the Warehouse.  The employees here are responsible for stocking bins and delivering products to 12 of the 17 businesses in Young Ameritowne.  Each shop that sells products will only receive two shipments of products a day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If a business runs out …