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Concept of the Month: Be a Savvy Shopper

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Tip #1: Think Before You Buy
Ask yourself: “Do I really need this? Is this the one I want and will I still really, really want or need it in a month?” It’s your money – really think about what you want to spend it on.

Tip #2: Compare, Shop AroundBe a Savvy Shopper
Is there a store that carries your item cheaper? Or something very similar but just as good and at a lower cost? Check the ads for sales, and look out for coupons. Note: Just because there’s a sale or you have a coupon, the product may not be a better deal than the same thing at a different location.

Tip #3: Budget
Set a spending limit for yourself and stick to it. When you’re limited in what you can buy, you usually make better choices. Start thinking about your shopping list a couple months out. This will give you time to really shop around and look for deals while saving and sticking to that budget.

Tip #4: Resist Impulse Shopping
Avoid buying things on impulse. You usually don’t buy things you really need or even really want when shopping this way and you tend to spend a lot more money.

Tip #5: Stick to the Basics
Some of the best gifts come from the heart. Use your time and talent to make gifts for family and friends, and all you need to buy are the basic materials.

Print out this handy budget sheet to refer to as you start your holiday shopping!

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