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Concept of the Month: Making a Budget

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What Is a Budget?

People make decisions about what they can afford, or have enough money to pay for, based on a budget. Making a BudgetA budget tracks the amount of money you have, the amount you earn, and the amount you spend.

Budgets aren’t just for adults. Kids can make budgets, too. Budgets can help kids figure out how to get the things they want.

You can plan ahead for things you want to buy by saving up for them while also ensuring that you have enough money to pay for any immediate expenses.

Having the skills to budget and manage money successfully helps you spend money responsibly, save for emergencies, secure credit, and achieve financial health in adulthood. Cultivating good habits from a young age makes those habits more likely to stick.

Are you ready to make a budget?  Use this worksheet to help you get started.  Then, remember to deposit your earnings in your Young Americans Bank account each month to help you save up for things you need and want!

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