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Concept of the Month: Investment Info and Stock Market IQ

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Have you ever wondered what the stock market is and how it works? When people buy stock, they actually buy a small portion of a company (like Mattel, Kellogg’s, Nintendo, Disney or Apple), and when they perform well, the stock becomes more valuable. When companies do poorly, however, stock value declines. When you sell a stock whose value has increased, ...
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Concept of the Month: 10 Important $ Rules

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Good money management skills can be developed at an early age! As a young adult, you can master money management by closely following these ten financial rules. 1. Money spent must never exceed available income. 2. Save part of all the money you receive. 3. Put your money to work earning interest. 4. Avoid borrowing because interest charges are added ...
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Concept of the Month: Wanna Be a Millionaire?

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The best way to accumulate wealth is to start NOW! Save your money, get a summer job, invent something the world can't live without, or start your own business. Here are some savvy summer job ideas to get you started: CLEANING SERVICES: Washing windows, washing and waxing cars and boats, cleaning pools, cleaning aquariums, cleaning garages, cleaning small shops and ...
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Compound Interest: How Your Money can Work for You!

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“Time is money” is a familiar expression. When it comes to saving, a plan where you start with less money early will often have greater ultimate value than saving larger sums later. The additional time matters because of compounded interest, a concept that is known as the time value of money. One of the best financial habits you can form …


Welcome New Board Members!

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Young Americans Bank and Center for Financial Education are honored to welcome six new Board Members this year to help lead our organization.  Their experience and passion are such an asset to both institutions, and they are already hard at work providing guidance, support, and oversight.  Meet all six Board Members below!   Chris Becze, Armanino As Tax Partner at Armanino, …

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Concept of the Month: Savvy Shopper

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The holidays are quickly approaching, so today Young Americans Bank brings you our tips for savvy shopping!  Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or you’re looking to spend some money you’ve been gifted, these tips will help you save money. Think before you buy Do you really need this? Is this the one you want and will you still really, …