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Entrepreneur of the Day: Ada Scholl

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Entrepreneur Ada Scholl, age 8, makes jewelry by hand which she sells through her business Purrfect Jewelry.

On this final day of National Entrepreneurship Week, we’re proud to introduce Ada Scholl, the eight-year-old owner of Purrfect Jewelry!

Ada started her business in time for the YouthBiz Marketplace last December, where she quickly mastered an e-commerce platform to sell her beaded jewelry online.  A maker at heart, Ada creates everything she sells by hand, and she enjoys picking out the beads and colors for her products.  “Making the earrings by hand takes a lot of time,” Ava remarked in a recent interview.  “But, the best part is making money and putting it in my bank account.”  Ada opened an account at Young Americans Bank when she was four and “old enough to write her name.”

Like many entrepreneurs who are just starting out, most of Ada’s current customers are her family and friends.  She’s just started an Instagram account @adagenescholl, and Ada hopes this will help grow her business continue to grow.

“The best part is making money and putting it in my bank account!” – Ada Scholl, age 8
Ada finds inspiration for her business from her mother, a physician-turned-entrepreneur who, in Ada’s words, “works really hard.”  Mom Wendy Tong is the CEO/Founder of Wendy’s Team, which provides in-home, quality senior care that customers can schedule online.

Ada inspires us, proving that an entrepreneurial spirit is all you need to turn a business idea and into a reality.  “When we first met Ada at the Marketplace Bootcamp Workshop last fall, we were so impressed,” says Anna Leer, Vice President of YouthBiz.  “She works hard; she is passionate;  and she is determined–skills that will serve her well in business and in life.”  As Ada’s Instagram page continues to grow, be sure to check out her products and support this young entrepreneur!

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