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Entrepreneur of the Day: J’Niyah Hernandez

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Today’s featured entrepreneur is really going places!

J’Niyah Hernandez, the 12-year-old owner of Bougie Brats Cosmetics, wants to help all girls feel pretty and trendy!

Twelve-year-old J’Niyah Hernandez started her business Bougie Brats Cosmetics two years ago and has soared since then–she has her own ecommerce website where customers can purchase her products, plus she manages an Instagram page to highlight her products and new releases.  “Social media helps when we go live and show products–that’s how I get most of my sales,” said J’Niyah in a recent interview.

Bougie Brats Cosmetics sells lip gloss, lip scrubs, and face oils all made from 100% natural ingredients like coconut oil and grapeseed oil.  Inspired by the owner of a local small business, J’Niyah wants to help all girls feel pretty and trendy in their own skin.  She also loves meeting other entrepreneurs at pop-up shops.

Although the pandemic has slowed business, J’Niyah still feels optimistic about the future.  The next time you’re scrolling on social, be sure to check out Bougie Brats Costmetics on Instagram!


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