A boy is treated in Children's Hospital at Young AmeriTowne with three others assisting.

Thanks to Children’s Hospital Colorado, Students Understand Financial and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand

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Young AmeriTowne participants smiling and holding a large check from Children's Hospital of Colorado

Students graciously accept Children’s Hospital Colorado donation for Young AmeriTowne.  Pre-Covid photo.

How important is having a plan? That’s an essential question faced by all social members during the wake and aftermath of this life-changing year.  At Young AmeriTowne, students know the importance of plans – savings plans, budgeting plans and investing plans. They also know financial health means leveraging the planning skills they develop during this engaging educational program to build and protect their overall financial well-being.

Financial health is a social determinant of physical health

But now, research is being done on financial health as part of overall health.  A 2020 study, Financial health as a measurable social determinant of health, demonstrates that “financial health is an important, independent social determinant of health that can be defined, measured, and influenced to improve health and wellbeing.”

The study also highlights the importance of planning.  It explains, “financial health is distinct from other measures of economic security, such that behavior and planning indicate more of a family’s ability to be financially ‘healthy’ and have better physical and mental health outcomes than other individual measures of income poverty such as housing/food insecurity or income level.”

So, yes, planning is essential to your finances as well as to your health.

Children’s Hospital Colorado embraces forward thinking

A boy is treated in Children's Hospital at Young AmeriTowne with three others assisting.

Student medical center team at Young AmeriTowne. Pre-Covid photo.

Thanks to immersive program support from Children’s Hospital Colorado, students embrace this forward-thinking mentality. Children’s Hospital Colorado delivers the crucial “financial planning” portion of the Young AmeriTowne curriculum in addition to sponsoring the Medical Center shop at the Denver and On the Road locations.

Through the program students learn to develop proactive skills in budgeting for the unexpected twists and turns of life. This is an essential exercise for students as they prepare for their day in Young AmeriTowne, where unplanned events and dilemmas regularly shape their individual and team experiences.

“The more we can help this generation really understand sound financial principals and the value of good work and giving back – those are values that create financial security which really is a part of overall health and wellbeing.” – Jena Hausmann, President and CEO, Children’s Hospital Colorado and 2020 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Presenting Mentor

Thank You, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Thank you Children’s Hospital Colorado for guiding Young AmeriTowne participants in their future-planning. Students are being armed with the tools for a resilient future – that’s a plan we can all get behind.

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