A Visit from Iraqi Entrepreneurs

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The members of the visiting delegation pose at St. Mary's Academy.

The members of the visiting delegation pose at St. Mary’s Academy.

Young Americans has been thrilled to host international guests from the Iraqi “Strengthening an Entrepreneurial Culture” group, organized by the International Visitor Leadership Program, facilitated by WorldDenver in Denver, CO, for the last two years.

The International Visitor Leadership Program is an initiative of the United States Department of State that would not be possible without the volunteer time and support of local organizations. Young Americans is proud to have our staff serve as citizen diplomats by offering friendship, knowledge and culture.

The visit this year started in the classroom of Mr. Andy Blair, 8th grade teacher and entrepreneur (he co-founded a job search platform for recent college graduates Majoredin.com). Mr. Blair has been facilitating Young Americans’ Founding Framework curriculum to his students with an emphasis in global social enterprise. He encourages his students to think globally about how they can connect with young people around the world and also impact their futures with socially conscious business ventures. The visitors from Iraq were able to interact with the students and also shared about entrepreneurship and education in their home country.

We also invited the delegation to attend our Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace on December 6th. They had time to shop the 81 different youth business and purchased some products to take home with them. Along with gifts, they left with a glimpse of (Young) American culture and its dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thank you to Gergana Kostadinova from WorldDenver, Mr. Andy Blair and the students from St. Mary’s Academy, and the delegation of Iraqi visitors for the wonderful experience!

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