Lansing Elementary students in AmeriTowne

AmeriTowne On the Road wraps up third year in Aurora

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An Accountant from Lansing Elementary works to pay business expenses in Young AmeriTowne.

Young AmeriTowne staff members literally “set up shop” in Aurora during the month of April, marking three years of presence in the Aurora community.  This year a total of 537 students participated in AmeriTowne On the Road, presented by CoBank, representing schools throughout the district.

The Aurora location made the program accessible for all types of learners.  Principal Jennifer Murtha from Lansing Elementary explained, “We have one student here, Emily*, who has been in the United States for just two months.  Today, I’ve seen her buy products and work as a doctor.”  Students like Emily can’t afford the program fee, and so being able to participate in the On the Road program on scholarship is essential.

Another Aurora elementary teacher shared a similar story.  “You don’t even realize it, but these fifth graders are teaching their families about the things they are learning.  They’re helping their families learn how to navigate finances and contribute to society.”

AmeriTowne On the Road staff is taking a short break before heading to Durango next week to continue this real-world learning.  For more information about the On the Road program, or to inquire about a visit to your community, contact Director Chris O’Reilly:


*Name has been changed to protect the identify of a minor student



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