Ask Amy: What Are the Best Books for Learning to Talk to Kids About Money?

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In today’s mobile world, iPhone and iPad apps are a great, quick way for kids to learn, experience and practice a financial concept.  You can check out my suggestions for mobile financial games and tools here.  However, sometimes we all need a bit more information and some good references.

Through my years of study and teaching, I have read a lot of books and used many different materials to teach financial literacy.  So that you don’t have to go through all the work I have, I’m providing a list of my favorite resources.

Suggested Books for Adults

My favorite of these is the last book on the list.  Here’s a quick video giving a run-down of this book, as well as some highlights of the others.

Again, there are many reasons why I love Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees.

  • It is full of practical tips and explanations about the need to talk about for parents
  • It includes valuable information on several important elements of handling money including investing, taxes, and tipping
  • The author offers realistic information about the use of allowances
  • Provides activity ideas for parents to do with their kids
  • It is good for parents of kids of all ages
  • It is a book based on research and experience

Suggested Books for Kids:

My favorite on this list is the Berenstain Bears book.  Why?

  • It highlights the need to recognize the difference between a want and a need
  • It depicts the struggles parents may have with talking about money
  • It has elements on the importance of earning, spending, saving, and sharing your money

Tell me how you enjoy these books below.  And please share any other books you’ve found that are helpful.  I love sharing successful resources!

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