Board Member Spotlight – Jim Steeples

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Board Member Spotlight – Jim SteeplesThis month we’d like to introduce you to Young Americans Bank Board Chair, Jim Steeples.  With over 30 years of commercial banking and management experience in the Denver market, Jim provides valuable expertise to the Board and to the customers of Young Americans Bank.

Jim first became a member of the Young Americans Bank Board in 2001.  He served for five years before resigning to allow new leaders with new ideas to have an opportunity to serve. Rejoining the Board in 2014, Jim reasoned, “I missed the spirit of working with Young Americans Bank and the wonderful Young Americans programs of Young Ameritowne and International Towne.  I tell people that after visiting Young Americans, you’ll always leave with a smile on your face because you know something successful is happening there.”  Jim has served as Board Chair ever since.

One of Jim’s favorite aspects of being on the Board is his interaction with the Youth Advisory Board.  The adult Board and Youth Board meet together once a year, and he enjoys hearing the young people’s perspectives and ideas.  In particular, Jim remembers a meeting where the Bank Board was trying to decide the interest rate for bank accounts.  At the time, interest rates across the country had been steadily declining and the adult Board suggested that Young Americans Bank keep interest rates higher to help youth earn more interest in their accounts.  The Youth Board disagreed.  They wanted Young Americans Bank to be just like real life, and the Youth Board recommended that the Bank also lower its rates.

As Market President of Bank of Colorado, Jim has enjoyed being a mentor for businesses and future bankers.  Jim has also been the President of two banks in Denver.  The reward of his work has been financing the construction of new buildings and financing the growth of Colorado businesses through multiple generations of ownership.  He has had the opportunity to mentor over 100 commercial bankers, including the children and grandchildren of banking leaders.  Currently, Jim is scaling back his role at Bank of Colorado in preparation for retirement, which will give him more time to spend with family.

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