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Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week, 2020!

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National Entrepreneurship Week is just around this corner!  This annual celebration lasts from Saturday, February 15 to Saturday, February 22, 2020.

YouthBiz is thrilled to take part again this year, and we want your help!  Take a look at the fun opportunities below:

Saturday, February 15 – Kickoff to #Natleshipweek!  Interview a local business leader in your community.  Ask them a few questions about what it is like having their business. Write a post about what you learned and send it to me:!

Monday, February 17  Happy President’s Day!  Did you know that there have been quite a few entrepreneurial Presidents?  See if you can discover one!

Tuesday, February 18  Send us a short description of your business—we’d love to highlight you! The first two responses will be published on our blog.  Descriptions must be emailed to me,, and received by Tuesday at 8am.

Wednesday, February 19  Stop by our Cherry Creek office and answer a trivia question about entrepreneurship at the front desk. If you answer correctly, you receive a prize!

Thursday, February 20 – Finish out the week by going on a tour at the Open Media Foundation! You’ll be able to learn about what goes into filming, AND you’ll be able to create your own media clip.  Sign up today!

Friday, February 21 – Watch the Colorado and Company segment featuring Ryder, a youth entrepreneur who won our Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars competition in 2020–it airs Friday at 10:00am on 9News!  You can also find the video on Facebook (@youngamericans) and Instagram (@yacenter).  Share the post and tag a youth entrepreneur who you think should apply!

Saturday, February 22 – Attend the Open Media Foundation tour!  You’ll be able to learn about what goes into filming, AND you’ll be able to create your own media clip.  You don’t want to miss this!

Have other ideas about how can we help you promote your entrepreneurial business?  Share them on social media and tag us!  And don’t forget to include the hashtag #Natleshipweek!

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