The Light CO2 carbon footprint calculator is shown in grass. Light CO2 empowers everybody and anyone to change climate change. We’ve built a survey from the ground up that asses your unique impact on the environment and empowers you to defy carbon with an offset that fits your needs. By planting trees, we capture the CO2 emitted by your daily activities.

Entrepreneur of the Day: Gabriel Nagel

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A successful entrepreneur for the last six years, Gabriel “Gabe” Nagel is on a new mission to fight climate change with an actionable solution: Light CO2.

Entrepreneur Gabriel “Gabe” Nagel is on a mission to fight climate change through his nonprofit Light CO2.

Researching climate change and learning about the impacts of fossil fuels on our environment ignited Gabe’s passion for climate change.  “Climate change seems so big to many people that they are ‘frozen,’ ” explains Gabe.  “What can a single individual do that could measurably help our Earth? I wanted to create an actionable solution.”  Gabe used money he earned through a series of entrepreneurial business ventures, including the 2018 and 2019 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars finalist Gabe’s Bazaar, to create a new nonprofit, Light CO2.  Did we mention that Gabe is just 15 years old?

When they visit Gabe’s website,, people of all ages can determine their carbon footprint by answering a few, simple questions.  They can then use this information to offset their footprint, by donating to organizations like Trees for the Future which educates and trains farmers to plant trees and bring nutrients back to the soil in sub-Saharan Africa.  Finally, they can learn about small lifestyle changes that will make a big difference in slowing climate change in a curated resource library that features adult and kid authors.

Gabe relies heavily on social media to educate his audience, to connect with other climate activists, and to encourage people to take action by visiting his website.  In the last two years since creating Light CO2, Gabe has gained more than 1,000 followers on his Instagram page, including individuals, nonprofits, and businesses.

“Lessons are learned from each failure, and a business (and you) can only grow stronger and more resilient with each one.” – Gabe Nagel, age 15
For Gabe, the best part of owning his own business and nonprofit have been the lessons he has learned along the way.  “Unlike school, there is no set trajectory or path in business. Instead, you can create your own vision and drive impact that aligns with your passion,” says Gabe.  “Lessons are learned from each failure, and a business (and you) can only grow stronger and more resilient with each one.”

Inspired to take action?  Visit the Light CO2 website to get started.

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