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Entrepreneur of the Month: Aloha Denver

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A delicious, eco-friendly, and all-natural dessert that’s perfect for warm weather?  Yes, please!  Jane Goldman, age 15, and Tatym Harvey, age 12, created a snow cone business as part of a YouthBiz camp last spring.  In addition to making new friends and business partners, Jane and Tatym learned about business, teamwork, and confidence—skills that help them succeed in school and in life.  Plus, they won a cash prize!  Camps return again this summer, but registration is going on right now!

Learn more about Jane and Tatym below, and watch their segment on Colorado & Company.

Question: Tell me a little bit about you — name, age, where you go to school?

Answer: My name is Jane Goldman, I’m 15 years old, and a freshman at South High School.  And, my name is Tatym Harvey, I’m 12, and I’m in 6th grade at McAuliffe International School

Q: How did you hear about YouthBiz StartUp’s Spring Break Camp?

Jane: I had heard about YouthBiz through my bank (Young Americans Bank) and I’ve seen YouthBiz throughout the years.

Q: Tell us about why you signed up!

Jane: I signed up to increase my knowledge of business and because it looked like a great experience.

Q: You were the winner of last year’s pitch competition. Congratulations! Give us an overview of your business.

Tatym: I partnered with Jane, a friend I met at camp, to create a business idea.  Our business is called Aloha Denver and is a not only delicious but eco-friendly snow cone business. We provide a vast amount of all natural flavors, containing no artificial corn syrups or artificial flavors that are just as good or if not better than the typical sugar filled treats. We not only decided to do this because of health benefits, but we can deliver more authentic flavors. In addition all of our products come with compostable utensils and cups to make a positive impact on the environment.

Q: What did you learn during the camp? Is there anything that you think will help you now or in the future?

Jane: During the camp, I learned how to collaborate with a partner and gained another perspective on how immersive it can be. I also learned how much work goes into a business and all the steps it requires to start one, while working to peruse this. I definitely plan on using these skills in the future and I know they will help me in so many scenarios, because of the importance comradery plays in a business.

Q: What was your favorite part of the experience? What memory will stick with you?

Jane: My favorite memories were making snow cones with Tatum and how happy we were when we not only made it to finals but then won. The feeling of being at Capital One and seeing our hard work pay off was just surreal.

Tatym: My favorite part was being able to present to a panel of judges.  We worked really hard on our business ideas!

Q: You had mentioned that you had never thought about starting a business before. How did the camp change your mind?

Jane: I wanted to gain knowledge of business and that is what I got out of the camp. It showed me that it is possible to start a business as a youth and will give me a head start as I move forward in life. It was also super fun coming up with unique ideas that we were excited about and helping our community.

Q: Why should other kids sign up for YouthBiz Camp?

Jane: Other kids should sign up for YouthBiz because of the opportunities it provides and lessons it teaches. Even if your idea doesn’t advance to finals or triumphs, you can still value the knowledge of business they teach you, and use the judges’ critiques to expand and improve your business plan. Who knows, you might just be the next CEO or founder or a thriving company!

Tatym: It’s a really good experience because it immerses yourself in how to own a business and shows you how the real world is!

Q: Are you still doing anything with your business idea today? Or, do you plan to do anything in the future?

Jane: I plan on taking our business and working with it to put it into action. My plan is to hopefully pursue this over the summer with Tatum and possibly start my own business soon.

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