Entrepreneur Success: ZARL, Inc.

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You may have missed our Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs, but we can share the acceptance speech from one of our winners, and the great video that introduces them and their prestigious mentor.

Meet ZARL, Inc.

Andrew Hageman and Zac Stahlhut, both 12 years old, have been friends since they were in second grade. In 2011, Andrew learned about a rocket launcher that a professor friend of his created at the University of Texas. After receiving some mentoring from the professor, Andrew and Zac created an intellectual property agreement that lets them use the design of the rockets in exchange for an annual fee and a royalty on each rocket sold.

Watch the video to learn more about how Andrew and Zac got started, and how they met their mentor, Chad McWhinney:

Once Andrew and Zac got started, they immediately sold out their rockets at several craft fairs and markets. Andrew then developed their second product, a trident rocket. The boys diversified their business by offering birthday parties and rocket summer camps.
Andrew is a 7th grader and enjoys math and basketball. He also has a thriving babysitting business called “The Babysitting Builder Boy” and he admires Warren Buffett.

Zac is also a 7th grader who loves to longboard, has appeared in several commercials for Honda and Xcel Energy, and hopes to go to California Arts to study acting.

The boys had a great acceptance speech at the event, and their mentor, Chad, had wonderful things to say about the boys.  Watch it here:


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