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First Steps to Starting a Business!

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Are you bored around the house this winter break? Do you like to solve problems and think creatively? Then it is time for YOU to start thinking about starting your own business!  Here’s tips from the YouthBiz team at Young Americans Center!

Some of the first steps to starting your own business are noticing small problems in everyday life. For example, do you hate putting away laundry or having your shoes come untied? Can you think of ways that these problems could be solved?

It’s important to think about the things you like to do. Do you like to teach others? (Tutoring business). Do you like dogs? (Dog walking service). Do you like to design and sew? Do you like to bake?  Can you think of some businesses that you could be interested in? The more ideas, the better!

We challenge you to think about and try out some of these ideas this break! Then, bring your idea to our Create a Business Plan Workshop on Saturday, January 25th from 10:15am-2:00pm. In this workshop we will help you turn your idea into a realistic and possible business.  Sign up today!

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