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Fun and Financial – Six ways you can be sure your gifts make a difference!

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I learned how to write checks and how to use a debit card. Also, I learned how to use my money wisely. I didn’t waste it. Finally, I learned how to be a great accountant. My favorite part of the day was when our shop, Sign and Print Shop, made a profit. This experience will help me in the future. I might even be an accountant.

– Bivianan, Send-a-School scholarship Young AmeriTowne student

If you want to advance the financial literacy of young people, Young Americans Center for Financial education is a great investment of your charitable dollars.

You Can Make a Gift Now


Here are six ways you can have confidence you’ve put your gift where it can really impact kids.

  1. Programs are growing­–even the ones like Young AmeriTowne that come with a fee.  This means that users–teachers, parents, and especially kids–deeply value the experience you provide. As a donor, you’re also giving scholarships so everyone can come!
  2. Programs get evaluated and improved–every year. We’re really serious about this. Only enough educational materials are produced for one school year.
  3. You will receive a report on how your gift was used, with the numbers and the success stories your gift made possible.
  4. Many donors (maybe you?) come from the world of business, finance and banking. We do too. We’re all about controlling costs and using your gifts to reach the most students possible.
  5. As a savvy donor, we invite you to see those numbers for yourself. Email Jody at jphillips@yacenter.orgright now for your copy of the audited financials. (Or for any questions or suggestions-she’s your donor concierge.)
  6. Your bonus: even though we’re all about numbers, it’s your impact on the lives of individual students that really matters. Enjoy!

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