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Help for Those in Need of Tasks and Those in Need

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education is proud to partner with Children’s Hospital Colorado to provide resources and ideas for families during this difficult time.  There are opportunities to help those in need and opportunities to help those in need of activities!

Parenting Tips

Experts at the Pediatric Mental Health Institute offer tips to help you and your kids cope with COVID-19-related anxiety in a healthy way, including how to talk to your child about the virus, showing gratitude, connecting with others, and how to set up a new routine for all ages of children.


Children love helping out their community, and Children’s Hospital Colorado has two ideas for how kids can help other kids during this crisis.  They are now accepting donations of homemade masks and fleece blankets which are presented to patients admitted to the hospital.  All ages of children can create (or help create!) the fleece blankets using this tutorial.  Masks are a better project for ages 10 and up, depending on ability.  Children’s Hospital Colorado requests that mask-makers follow guidelines recommended by the CDC.  Blanket and mask donations can be made via appointment.  Find more information here.

Blood Donations

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Blood Donor Center is seeking community help to ensure they can continue to meet the transfusion needs of patients. If you’re able to donate blood or platelets, please call 720-777-5398 to be screened over the phone and to schedule an appointment.

For more information and further helpful resources, visit Children’s Hospital Colorado online.


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