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We kicked off summer camps with YRunning Your Own Bizoung Ameritowne 2 and Running Your Own Business last week and we sure had a lot of fun! While Young Ameritowne alums were across the hall diving deeper into themes of free enterprise in Ameritowne, the Running Your Own Business campers were hard at work exploring entrepreneurship and business operations in International Towne.

Running Your Own Business is a week long summer camp for youth who have completed 3rd and 4th grade. We had a very busy and fun week filled with lessons, games, and activities. We had 5 campers celebrate birthdays with us during the week! We had a lot of singing to do!

Some highlights during the week according to campers were making ice cream, product production, making new friends, and playing camp games with color group leaders. We celebrated lots of hard work and learning with a pizza party and mini-marketplace on Friday.

product samplesThe business teams all spent lots of time producing products to sell at the mini marketplace. They all   receive a bin full of DIY products like ceramic piggy banks, wallets, bags (see a money theme?) and also are given the freedom to get creative with other supplies. Some of the camper’s created items were homemade Father’s Day cards, journals, custom jewelry, origami figures, and key chains. It was amazing to see all the product diversity and interesting goods, and some of the business teams even sold out!

The business teams reported to a board after the marketplace to share what they learned and to announce which real-life charity would receive their profits as a donation. They talked about what went well and what could be improved.

Thanks to all the campers for their hard work and determination!  We hope to see you as a camper next summer, as an applicant to our annual business competition (online now:, or a participant in any of our other awesome programs!

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