National Entrepreneurship Week Banner: February 16-21, 2019

Join the Movement: National Entrepreneurship Week!

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Starting this Saturday, February 16, Young Americans Center for Financial Education’s YouthBiz program is joining a national movement to celebrate entrepreneurship called National Entrepreneurship Week.  And we want you to join us!

First, what is an entrepreneur, anyway?  An entrepreneur is somebody who creates his/her own path and purpose by building a business around his/her skills, talents, and passions.  Do you get paid to mow your neighbor’s lawn in the summer?  You’re an entrepreneur!  Have you ever sold cookies you made yourself?  You’re an entrepreneur, too!

Now, what’s the big deal about entrepreneurship?  Well, at Young Americans Center, we believe that entrepreneurship is a key to a successful future.  By building your own business, you learn important skills like hard work, creativity, and customer service, just to name a few.  So, that’s why we’re celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week by hosting a whole week of entrepreneurship fun!  We hope you can join us in some (or all!) of the following events:

Saturday February 16th– Kickoff to Entrepreneurship Week!! Interview a local business leader in your community. Ask them a few questions about what it is like having their business. Write a post -280 characters or less- about what you learned and send it to us on Facebook or at by Saturday, February 23rd, and you will be eligible to win a prize.

Monday 18th– President’s Day – Check out our social media pages to learn about an entrepreneurial President!  Can you guess who it is?

Tuesday 19th Send us a short description of your business—we’d love to highlight you! The first two responses will have a blog featured about them on our website. The description must be received on Tuesday starting at 8am through Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday 20th Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars is a business competition created to highlight youth entrepreneurs, between the ages of 6 and 21, within the State of Colorado. Read our blog for exciting updates. How would $5,000 help you grow your business?

Thursday 21stFinish out the week by learning how to create your very own business plan at our workshop on Saturday! Sign up here.

Friday 22ndUpcycling challenge! Put on your creative hat and grab a few items from your recycling bin. Make a product that would be ready to sell today! Share and tag YouthBiz and Young Americans Center for Financial Education on Facebook and Twitter or email

Saturday 23rdSpin the Wheel. Stop by our Cherry Creek location to answer a trivia question, if you get it right, spin the wheel for some awesome prizes! Including a free booth at Marketplace!!


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