Leadership Luncheon: The Launch

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Mayor Michael Hancock and Mayor Sara Kurutz cut the ribbon to open Young AmeriTowne On the Road.

Mayor Michael Hancock and Mayor Sara Kurutz cut the ribbon to open Young AmeriTowne On the Road.

This past Tuesday, our Leadership Luncheon took place at the Hyatt in downtown Denver — after months of hard work and preparation.  It was wonderful to be a part of everything and to see the event happen to smoothly.

Unveiling On the Road

Our staff spent all day Monday setting up our newest initiative, Young AmeriTowne On the Road, to showcase at the event on Tuesday.  As guests started to arrive around lunchtime on Tuesday, we could not wait to see how they would all react to our newest innovation here at Young Americans.  Guests, just like our staff at Young Americans, were blown away with Young AmeriTowne On the Road, and it set a great tone for the rest of the event.

After getting seated, our guests and staff were greeted with a three course meal.  I think International Towne Director Evan Borg put it best when he said, “It’s not every day you get to have a steak for lunch.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Guests ranging from board members, media, legislators, and organizations, both old and new to Young Americans, were than able to watch videos that showcased Young Americans and our new program.  You can watch one the overview video here:


The speakers

Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined the event to support our new initiative.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined the event to support our new initiative.

Accompanying these great videos were wonderful speeches given throughout the luncheon. Our emcee, Scott Bemis from EKS&H and formerly of the Denver Business Journal, Youth Board Co-Chairs, Ashia Ajani and Martha Baker, CoBank CFO Dave Burlage, and Board Member and Comcast Regional Senior VP, Rich Jennings, all gave unique and powerful perspectives on everything Young Americans represents.  We even had the pleasure of hosting not one, but two mayors. One being a name you’re sure to be familiar with: Mayor of Denver Michael B. Hancock, who gave us a little bit of his own story with Young Americans, sharing his daughters’ experiences through our programs.  We also were lucky enough to have Mayor of Young AmeriTowne and Young Americans veteran, Sara Kurutz, who provided a speech, which was a highlight of the event.

She shared some of her favorite Young Americans experience by saying:

“My fondest memory of camp is the moment I received my first job. I really wanted to work at the radio station as a disc jockey. I love music and talking and this job combined both of those things. Plus I would get to use the microphone for announcements over the PA. When I heard the counselor announce ‘Sara K. as DJ,’ I was ecstatic. I remember how excited I was on the drive home from camp that day and telling my whole family how I got my dream job!”

She continued on to share her excitement for Young AmeriTowne On the Road and how beneficial her own experiences have been:

“I can’t imagine my summers without my Young AmeriTowne experience. And I know that, just as I get really excited about my week at camp, all the students who participate in Young AmeriTowne during the school year work to learn their lessons and are eager to get their own AmeriTowne experience. Because of our experiences, we all are going to be better employees, better business owners, better consumers, better produce, and better citizens. I can’t wait!”

Sara’s speech embodied everything that Young Americans hopes to instill in every kid that walks through the doors of our brick and mortar locations and now, what we hope to instill in all On the Road participants.

The press

Overall, the event was a resounding success and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception of our newest initiative.  Special thanks to the Denver Post and the Denver Business Journal for their great articles about our launch.


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