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Vicki Oehring, the President and Interview Coach of Climbing Hire, provided valuable tips and real-life interview practice at last Saturday’s Lights, Camera, Action! Workshop.

On Saturday, ambitious current and future business owners gathered to learn about interview skills and how to be confident speaking on camera.

Since YouthBiz partners with Colorado & Company every month to feature a young business owner, it is important to sound knowledgeable and professional when talking about yourself or your business. We were lucky enough to have the workshop led by Vicki Oehring, the President and Interview Coach of Climbing Hire. She taught so many important skills like how to have a proper handshake, how to make good eye contact and how to make sure you are prepared.

After giving some tips on how to look and what to say, the on camera interviews began. Vicki interviewed the kids one-on-one asking them about themselves and their businesses. After each interview, she would provide valuable feedback. Some common feedback was try not to say “umm” and if you need a minute to think, repeat the question back and then tag your response on the end of the sentence. Ex. “What is your favorite thing about having your own business?” — “My favorite thing about having my own business is talking to people!”

We were so proud to see their skills develop and how confident and comfortable the kids were by the end of the workshop. Vicki made sure to let the kids know: “You know you better than anyone! So go be awesome.”

If you missed this class, be sure to check out other great YouthBiz Workshops we offer, like Top Your Cupcake coming up on February 7!

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