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Lil’Daddy’s Stuffed Brownies – Andwele Gilbert

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Even though he’s only 13, Andwele Gilbert is a serial entrepreneur!  His latest business, Lil’Daddy’s Stuffed Brownies, takes a favorite treat and adds a twist—combining oreos, snickers, and even cheesecake with chocolate brownies.  Through the lessons he’s learned at YouthBiz, Andwele has been able to take his business to the next level.  Besides selling at the YouthBiz Marketplace and to friends and family, Andwele now takes catering orders.  His brownies are the perfect addition for your next get-together.

Watch Andwele’s segment and learn more about him below.

Question: Tell me a little bit about you – name, age, how long you’ve been an entrepreneur?

Answer: My name is Andwele Gilbert, I am 13, and I have been an entrepreneur for 7 years.

Q: Do you have a website? Or any social media?

A: You can contact me to make an order on my Facebook page at Lil’Daddy’s Stuffed Brownies.

Q: What motivated or inspired you to start a business?

A: I wanted to start something for myself and create something I can be proud of.

Q: Please share an overview about your business, Lil’Daddy’s Stuffed Brownies.

A: I make all my brownies from scratch no preservatives all natural ingredients made with love.

Q: Tell us about some of the challenges you face being a young business owner.

A: The biggest challenge is time, meaning I can’t sell to most people in the morning because of breakfast than in the afternoon because of the lunch rush.

Q: What’s the best part about having your own business?

A: The best part is seeing what different brownies I can create.  I like going home at the end of the day knowing I did my best.

Q: Why should other youth start a business?

A: They can start a business because they can make their own money learn how to handle it, save some, and spend some. Or, you can save it all and work on the next opportunity to make your product.

Q: We hear you did summer camps with YouthBiz!  What are some things you’ve learned through that experience? How has that helped you in creating your business?

A: Through YouthBiz, I have learned about time management when planning your business and how to better talk to people.  For example, I know how to leave a proper voicemail and what professional attire is.  Also, I created a business plan and I learned how to pitch a business to a group of adults.  I learned how I could market my products more.

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