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Make Some Money This Summer!

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If you’re hoping to save, not just spend money this summer break, you’re in luck!  There are so many ways to be a young business owner.  This week, YouthBiz and Young Americans Center for Financial Education bring you our top ideas for starting a summer business.

Neighborhood Game Night – Organize games for neighborhood kids to come over and play…for a small fee!  This can be executed with little or no expense on your part.  Use games you (or your friends!) have at home, and design and print flyers on your home computer or at your local library.

Don’t these look yummy? Customers will think so, too!

Popsicle Stand – Tired of the same old lemonade stand?  Why not try a popsicle stand!  The process is super-simple and inexpensive, and the product will be in high demand on hot summer days.

Bike Accessories – Help your neighbors and friends make their summer wheels even better with streamers, spoke decorations, seat covers, bells, you name it!  Pinterest is a great crafting resource for this.  Save money in your start up costs by thinking about ways you can use materials in multiple products.

Tutoring – Help younger kids learn skills you’ve already mastered!  Start by making a list of everything you’re really good at.  Be creative and think beyond the classroom. Maybe you’re a great soccer player?  Could you teach your cousin how to make tacos?

Event Planning – Chances are, someone you know is throwing a birthday party/pool party/block party/4th of July party this summer.  How could you help?  Could you offer to design invitations, create party decorations, put together party favors, or even work at the event as a babysitter or food assistant (refill food/beverages as needed)?  Be sure to reference your past experience when you pitch your services!

Recreation Rental – Try renting out your fun summer rec. equipment.  Chances are, you’re not going to use your tennis racket every day–could you loan it out while you’re not using it?  And, here are some other items to consider: bikes, skateboards, boogie boards, stand up paddle boards, pool toys, lawn games, binoculars…the list goes on!

General Service-based Business – These might not be “new and different” but they can still earn you some money.  Traditional summer jobs like babysitting, mowing lawns, walking dogs, watering plants, and bringing in mail/newspapers for someone on vacation are a great thing to try if you’ve never run a business before.  Start small, with just a few clients.  Then if you like what you do, encourage your clients to tell their friends about your business.

Not feeling inspired yet?  YouthBiz can help:

  • Register for Summer Camp YouthBiz offers two different camps about business!  Running Your Own Biz teaches business basics to rising 3rd and 4th graders and Just Start It provides tools and tricks for 6th through 8th graders to start a business now.
RJ Duarte at Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars

Emcee Gregg Moss congratulations RJ Duarte, Owner of GreenWorx Landscaping, when he won Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars in 2015.

Do you already have a business, and you want to make it even more profitable?  YouthBiz can help with that, too:

Have a lot of fun and make some money this summer.  Yes, you can do both!





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