Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Alex Geldzahler and Robert Grawemeyer

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Two students from East High School are serving on this year’s Youth Advisory Board. Alex Geldzahler and Robert Grawemeyer.

Alex has been involved with YoungYouth Advisory Board Members Alex and Robert Americans in various capacities since he opened his first bank account several years ago. As a sophomore, he serves as president of the Chess Club he started at his school last year and also participates on the Speech and Debate team.

Alex has always been interested in entrepreneurship and started his own business when he was just 10 years old – Bulldog Belts. He even appeared on a segment of Colorado and Company to promote his business and the youth programs at Young Americans Center. Outside of school, Alex is a member of the Denver Astronomical Society and the Colorado Senate District Youth Advisory Council.

Robert is a junior this year and plays both varsity lacrosse and tennis. After completing a marketing class at school, he became interested in learning more about business and banking. Robert and a couple of his friends started a small business (303Finds) selling retro clothing at affordable prices. The skills he is learning running this business will come in handy because he is interested in owning his own (much larger) business someday.

Outside of school, Robert volunteers for Generations Ocean at Denver Divers. As a licensed scuba diver, he feels strongly about cleaning up our oceans and protecting ocean animals and plants. He also referees for youth lacrosse games.

The Youth Advisory Board is lucky to have passionate, outgoing members like Alex and Robert.

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