Need Help? Small Business Resources (Part 1)

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2013_Entrepreneur_StartOK, you have a business idea.  Good!  Even if it’s a bit vague, it’s a great start.

Now what? What’s the next step?  Do you need a website? How will customers find your products? How will customers PAY for your products?  How will you even find those customers so they CAN pay for your products?

Small business resources

Don’t worry — we have a great list of (mostly) free resources for you to look through and try that will help you get your business off the ground.  Each business has different needs, so don’t be afraid to try one option and move onto the next if it doesn’t work.  Young Americans doesn’t have a favorite of any of these, but many of our youth business owners have had success with these resources.

If you find something else that you like, TELL US! We want to continue to build out this resource list so other budding young business owners can succeed.


Most people want to see your  business online.  Don’t know how to write code? Don’t worry.  Here are some great options for setting up quick and easy websites.

Accepting Online Payments

You meet a customer – great! Your customer only has a debit card to pay.  No problem.  You’ve got one of these easy online payment systems. (Most of these take a fee with each transaction, or you can pay a monthly subscription.)

Selling Online

Your aunt in Minnesota called and she has five friends who want to buy your product.  Start selling online with one of these websites to increase your sales and reach.  (Some of these sites charge transaction fees.)

Many small businesses reach global customers through Etsy.

Budgeting and Online Accounting

It’s important to keep your finances in good shape.  Use these online tools to track purchases, sales and other expenses. (Some of these are free and others charge a fee. Be sure to explore the options that are right for your business.)

We’ll continue to post our favorite resources to help small businesses, so check back often.  In the meantime, leave us a comment below to tell us your favorite!

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