Press Release: The Perfect Way to Learn, Young AmeriTowne On the Road Returns to Greeley

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A student holds a check in the Greeley Bank

Students from Hygiene Elementary in Loveland deposit their paychecks at the Young AmeriTowne Bank. AmeriTowne On the Road will reach 300 elementary students from northern Colorado this month.

Young AmeriTowne On the Road, presented by CoBank, returns to Greeley this month with plans to deliver a hands-on lesson in financial literacy and free enterprise to 300 local elementary students over two weeks.

This year, AmeriTowne is set up at the Aims Community College Cornerstone Building beginning Thursday, February 7.  For Towne Director, Chris O’Reilly, who grew up in northern Colorado, having a presence on a college campus positively contributes to the student experience.  “Being at Aims makes the students feel valued.  When they see that community partners and higher education institutions support their learning, students are motivated to engage more. Plus,” adds Chris, “this location reinforces one of our goals that students gain exposure to a wide range of careers and the skills and knowledge required to succeed in those careers.”

Read the full press release.

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