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2014_SuccessThis past year was tremendous for Young Americans Center. It may have gone by in the blink of an eye or seemed like a whirlwind at times. Yet, in retrospect, it was profoundly successful. There were first time events that premiered, annual events that thrived, and many plans that had been put in place years ago came into fruition.

Some numbers

To begin, here are some numbers to put it in prospective:

  • At our headquarters location in Cherry Creek, 13,640 students were served in Young AmeriTowne.
  • Another 11,445 students came through AmeriTowne at our Belmar location
  • In total, over 25,000 children were visited AmeriTowne in 2014
  • International Towne served 9,863 kids this past year
  • (Also, regarding International Towne, a brand new intranet system was installed with tablets in each of the sixteen countries and new credit card machines. With the new technology pieces in International Towne, credit card bills are issued at lunch time, and the students are required to pay off their debt before the end of the day).
  • Our brand new program which was launched in 2014, AmeriTowne On the Road, reached an additional 850 students
  • During our summer programming, 954 kids went through our seasonal camps at Young Americans Center

Wow! Registration for 2015 summer camps will be posted on our website in January, so be sure to keep an eye out for that soon.

On the Road

On the Road having been launched is in itself a huge accomplishment for our organization. It had been in the discussion phases for years as the vision was being clarified. Now, in action, a new branch of our programming exists to reach smaller schools and those that have found it challenging to attend our physical locations. In 2014, On the Road premiered in Denver and Pueblo, having served those children who otherwise would not have been able to come to us.


Our outreach programming for the Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs was also a highlight in 2014. Since the event has taken place in September for the past several years anyway, a partnership began with Denver Startup Week to immerse the children with likeminded individuals based locally, and to provide them with the full experience of other local start-up business owners. For the first time, the event was held at the Jake Jabs Center on CU Denver’s campus downtown, rather than banquet style. (In 2015, we will return to the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts for this event).

Most recently, our two annual marketplaces were held for the local and young entrepreneurs. The sales total from the first marketplace was through the roof. A whopping $12,175.92! These earnings were among the second highest grand totals in its history! The earnings for the second Marketplace at Belmar were $6,077.00, which was exceedingly high.  Also, for the first year ever at Young Americans Center, a springtime marketplace was added in April in addition to the two functions in December.  Due to popularity, high demand, and an overflow of young entrepreneurs, the success of Young Americans Marketplace only continues to grow.

Stay tuned for the progress and development that will evolve at Young Americans Center in 2015! We are very excited for what 2015 has in store.

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