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Young Americans Center for Financial Education is proud to announce our Summer Camp line-up for 2018!  These week-long day camps allow youth to participate in our award-winning programs that teach financial literacy in a fun, hands-on way.

For more information and to register, please visit our Summer Camp page.  Here’s what we’re offering this summer:

  • Junior Money Matters (Completed 2nd or 3rd Grade): Explore fun things about money, banking and the world of work, while learning important basic financial skills. On the last day, you get to work in a business and run your very own life-like town.
  • Running Your Own Biz (Completed 3rd or 4th Grade): Curious about starting your own business? This program explores the basics of what it takes to get started, allows you to experiment with ideas, and helps you decide what business you might want to start.  At the Friday Marketplace, sell the products you made throughout the week!
  • Young AmeriTowne (Completed 4th or 5th Grade): Here is your chance to learn about government, banking, economics, supply and demand, advertising and much more. Then put your knowledge to work by running your own life-like town on the last day.
  • Spark Change (Completed 4th or 5th Grade): Want to spark a change in your community and learn about giving back?  This camp is for you!  Join our NEW service learning and leadership camp, which culminates in a group project.
  • Be Your Own Boss (Completed 5th or 6th Grade): Are you serious about working for yourself? Be Your Own Boss teaches specific skills you need to start and run a successful business. On Friday, participants share their business plans and ideas through a Mini Shark Tank pitch and at the Small Biz Kid Expo.
  • Girls Can (Completed 5th or 6th Grade): Campers learn about women leaders around the world, connect with local businesswomen, and participate in activities to help discover how to be financially fit. The week wraps up with campers testing their skills by running Young AmeriTowne!
  • International Towne (Completed 5th or 6th Grade): Are you interested in learning about foreign currency, global trading and cultures around the world? Learn all this and more! On Friday, you will “travel” and run the world as a citizen of International Towne
  • Young AmeriTowne 2 (Completed 5th or 6th Grade): Been through Young AmeriTowne and want to go again with more challenges? Young AmeriTowne2 is for you! Expand your knowledge about investing, budgeting, credit and debit cards and experience Young AmeriTowne like never before.
  • Pick a Biz (Completed 4th – 7th Grade): Want to start a business but unsure of where to start? In this camp, you get to try making products in three different industries: pet accessories, candles, and baking, and then choose which one you like best to create your business plan!  Campers will present their business plans on Friday during the YouthBiz Business Forum for the chance to win cash prizes!
  • Make it App’en (Completed 4th – 8th Grade): Do you love technology and gaming apps?  This camp will teach you how to create, market, and sell your very own mobile application as a business venture.  Campers will present and demo their apps on Friday in a mini Shark Tank pitch competition for the chance to win cash prizes!
  • YouthBiz Basics (Completed 5th – 8th Grade): Are you looking to start a REAL business and make REAL money?  This camp teaches business foundations while taking campers through a real life business startup experience.  Campers will work to manufacture 20 high quality, finished products to be sold at the Out of the Box Marketplace on Friday, all the profits from which campers get to keep!

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  1. Hello,
    We are excited to be planning our second spring resource fair for our Aurora Public Schools families, and are reaching out to see if you would like to participate. We are looking for after-school and summer opportunities such as camps, field work, mentoring, enrichment experiences and hands-on fun! Our families have diverse interests, needs and funds, and are looking for ways for their children to learn and grow.

    To have a table at our fair, it is very important that you be able to serve students who are gifted learners. Please consider if you have the capacity to provide enrichment to these learners. They are extremely rewarding to work with!

    March 6, 3PM – 6PM
    Aurora Public Schools Professional Learning and Conference Center (PLCC)
    15771 E 1st Ave, Aurora, CO 80011

    Looking forward to partnering with you,

    Laurie Waalkes
    Aurora Public Schools
    Gifted and Talented
    Teacher on Special Assignment

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