Evelyn Murphy began painting her pet chickens for fun, but after showing her work to friends and family, she soon realized she could turn this hobby into a business.  Evelyn has since expanded Pollo Nugget Studio to include her original chicken art, sketchbooks, and custom paintings for clients. Her unique style and bright colors attract customers to learn more about her business and her story.  Judges loved that Evelyn stays true to herself in her artwork, commenting, “Keep being who you are and people will gravitate to that!”

Shop Small at YouthBiz Marketplace: Evelyn’s Story

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Lakewood resident and Denver Academy junior Evelyn Murphy has turned her passion for art into a business, Pollo Nugget Studio.  By participating in the YouthBiz Marketplace, she’s selling her products directly to consumers looking to shop small this holiday season.

Evelyn Murphy, age 17, has turned her talent and passion for art into a business called Pollo Nugget Studio. Customers looking to “shop small” this holiday season can find her products at the online YouthBiz Marketplace November 27-December 6. (photo courtesy of Evelyn Murphy)

Pollo Nugget Studio’s signature collection features Evelyn’s original paintings and prints of chickens.  Colorful, bright, and full of personality, the paintings are perfect for kitchens, laid-back eating areas, and even children’s playrooms.  Evelyn has painted chickens for the last three years, ever since her family adopted a trio of hens for their yard.  “I just fell in love with the way they looked and the way they moved,” said Evelyn in a recent interview.  “They always make me smile, which I think shows up in my art, too.”

An entrepreneur since age nine, Evelyn hopes to share her art with shoppers through the YouthBiz Marketplace, which is open online from November 27 through December 6.  Young Americans Center for Financial Education hosts the event every year to provide young people with real-life experience in entrepreneurship and business ownership.

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