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Shop Small at YouthBiz Marketplace: Reina’s Story

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Centennial resident and high school freshman Reina Crowley is on a mission to reduce the amount of food people waste through her business Mile High Freeze Dry.  Purchase her products (and so many others from youth-owned businesses!) at the YouthBiz Holiday Marketplace, which opens today!

Reina Crowley, age 14, started her business Mile High Freeze Dry to help reduce food waste. Customers looking to “shop small” this holiday season can find her products at the online YouthBiz Marketplace November 27-December 6. (photo courtesy of Reina Crowley)

Mile High Freeze Dry specializes in freeze-dried fruit, candy, ice cream, and more.  According to 14-year-old Reina, a self-proclaimed “Freeze Drier Afficionado,” freeze-dried food not only lasts longer, but also it is a “delicious way to snack!” Reina started Mile High Freeze Dry before the pandemic began, but she’s also found her business to be a timely solution in an environment where people want to shop less often.

In the year since she started Mile High Freeze Dry, Reina has perfected her techniques and established a loyal customer base.  She hopes to reach even more shoppers through the YouthBiz Marketplace, which is open for online shopping from November 27 through December 6.  Young Americans Center for Financial Education hosts the event every year to provide young people with real-life experience in entrepreneurship and business ownership.

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