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Sponsor Spotlight: AmeriTowne a lot like being an adult, thanks to FirstBank

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A customer makes a deposit at FirstBank in Young AmeriTowne.

Quinn is just 11 years old, but she has a lot of responsibility.  As the Vice President of FirstBank at Young AmeriTowne, Quinn has to make payments, ensure every shop pays off their business loan, and report on the business income.  It’s a lot like being an adult.

This experience is possible through the generous support of community partners like FirstBank, a sponsor of Young Americans Center for Financial Education since 1994.  In the last 24 years, FirstBank has funded in-classroom lessons, students’ participation in Young AmeriTowne, and even the construction of Young AmeriTowne at Belmar.  Today, AmeriTowne students at Belmar cash their hard-earned paychecks at the AmeriTowne branch of FirstBank.

At FirstBank, students-turned-citizens must deposit $10 into their checking account. Then, they can spend the money in their checking account with a debit card or check to purchase products and services in Towne.

Even though shopping is fun, FirstBank Teller Eddie says the best part of AmeriTowne is working at FirstBank.  “It takes a lot of concentration,” he says while filing away a student’s paycheck and deposit slip.  “And you actually have to get things done.  Otherwise, the bank will lose money and my co-workers might get mad at me. But it’s really exciting to get to work with my friends all day.”  His friend AJ, also a Teller, agrees.  “My favorite part is all the activity.  It’s a lot like being an adult.”

Supporting young learners like Eddie and AJ is central to FirstBank, which has donated over $60 million to charitable organizations since 2000, according to the FirsBank website.  This support includes being a sponsor of Colorado Gives Day by doubling the incentive fund offered by Community First Foundation so that it totals $1 million. Every donation made on Colorado Gives Day goes further because it is matched, proportionally, by FirstBank and Community First.

You can join FirstBank in supporting hands-on financial literacy programs for youth!  Young Americans Center is participating in Colorado Gives Day, which is Tuesday, December 4, and is hoping to raise more than $20,000 for the Send-a-School scholarship fund.

Schedule your donation today, and help young people like Quinn, Eddie, and AJ experience hands-on financial literacy for themselves.

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