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Sponsor Spotlight: Career for a Day at the Lutheran Medical Center Shop

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An Accountant helps with Copay in YAT

An Accountant in the Lutheran Medical Center helps a patient write a co-pay check.

One goal of the Young AmeriTowne program is to provide students with hands-on career experience. Thanks to Lutheran Medical Center, fourth and fifth graders who participate in Young AmeriTowne at Belmar can explore a job in the medical field.

Just like Lutheran Medical Center in Lakewood, Colorado, the AmeriTowne Medical Center shop works to provide quality patient care and customer service.  When a “sick” student arrives, the Medical Center team springs into action.  Student Health Technicians use a scale, temperature strip, and blood pressure cuff to record a patient’s vital signs.  Meanwhile, Doctors use a tablet to look up the patient’s symptoms and provide a diagnosis.  The Accountant ensures that the patient pays a $2.00 co-pay for the visit, and the Manager oversees the entire process to make sure the patient doesn’t have to wait too long.

Lutheran Medical Center has generously provided posters, props, and uniforms for the Medical Center shop which make the experience even more authentic.  Doctors and Health Technicians can document patient care on a re-writable poster just like the posters Lutheran uses in its hospital rooms. And, student patients can take home “star patient” stickers after their visit.

Each year, approximately 1,100 students experience an unforgettable career for a day in the Lutheran Medical Center Shop.  After working in the Medical Center, 10-year-old Maggie wrote, “Thank you so much for a wonderful, educational, meaningful day. I loved being a doctor because I learned so much about viruses.”  Thank you Lutheran Medical Center for providing this meaningful experience.

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