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Sponsor Spotlight: Closing the Opportunity Gap with the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education (Center) and its supporters believe high-quality, proven programs in financial education should be available to ALL youth, regardless of socioeconomic background. Unfortunately, several barriers, particularly cost, preclude schools serving low-income Colorado youth from enrolling in the Young AmeriTowne or International Towne program. This is where Send-a-School comes in.  Established in 2004, this initiative, which is widely support by the business and philanthropic community, provides financial aid to low-income schools for their participation in either program by removing the barrier of cost.  Send-a-School aims to close the opportunity gap between low-income and higher income students.

Opportunity gap is an educational term referring to how race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other factors contribute to or perpetuate lower education achievement for certain groups of students. In short, it refers to “the unequal or inequitable distribution of resources and opportunities.” Colorado’s lower income schools located in economically disadvantaged communities typically have fewer opportunities and resources and often experience overcrowded conditions compared to their higher income counterparts. These variables contribute to an unequitable learning environment where the Center’s funders see an immediately addressable need.

In 2019, Denver Active 20/30 Children’s Foundation (Foundation) and other funders helped close the opportunity gap for 8,603 deserving students from 102 low-income schools who were able to participate in the complete Young AmeriTowne or International Towne program on scholarship.  These students were 66% FRL on average. On a mission to “develop philanthropic leaders who mobilize the community to impact the lives of disadvantaged children,” the Foundation has been a key partner in advancing financial education for deserving youth. “The Foundation’s members always look for partnerships that will best uplift the Colorado’s disadvantaged youth,” Adam Cohen, Executive Director of the Foundation said. “Send-a-School serves as an important part in aiding our lower income youth to equip them with the tools and skill sets they need to grow into knowledgeable, self-sufficient adults.”

Thank you, Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation, for your years of dedication to helping disadvantaged youth in Colorado receive high-quality opportunities for growth.

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