Guest Service Tips: Friendly say hello with a smile, ask "did you find everything," give guests full attention, provide helpful and friendly service, and say thank you for visiting the market

Sponsor Spotlight: CoBiz ensures that all students can access AmeriTowne

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Students in the King Soopers Market make a sale with a credit card from a Towne participant

Students make a sale in the Young AmeriTowne Market.

On a recent day in Young AmeriTowne, 10-year-old Ricardo* was having the time of his life.  You couldn’t walk past the Market without hearing him call out to customers, and he had a huge smile on his face as he helped customers pay for their products at the cash register.  Ricardo and his fellow classmates participated in this beloved program thanks to support from CoBiz Financial, now part of BOK Financial.

Since 2005, CoBiz has supported what is now called Send-A-School, a scholarship initiative that funds low-income school’s participation in AmeriTowne, International Towne, or AmeriTowne On the Road.  Approximately one third of participating schools currently qualifies for a scholarship, and no eligible school has been turned away in the history of this program.  Scholarships pay for teacher training, curriculum, materials, and the day-in-Towne experience that provides “money smarts for life.”

Send a School Program provides 25 hours of classroom time, 5 hours of teacher training, and the curriculum material required for money smarts for life


Students from Ricardo’s school were only able to participate because of Send-a-School.  Many families live on a single source of income so they can’t afford the $25 cost to participate.  According to Ricardo’s teacher, Mary Mains, “The reason we’re here is because of Send-a-School.”

When you look at students like Ricardo, you see the value of the program.  Ricardo, who often struggles academically in school, is a valued member of his business team.  “I’ve learned that you have to be nice to the customers to make the store popular.  You say things like, ‘How is your day?’ or ‘How can I help you?’” says Ricardo.

Thank you CoBiz Financial for making this experience possible for Ricardo and for more than 8,000 young people every year!


*Name has been changed to protect the identity of a minor.

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    Hi Terry,

    Great question! Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any programs in California. But if you’re ever in Denver, be sure to look us up!

    Janet Redwine
    Communications Director

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