Ryan Warner poses with four students in the Radio Station in Young AmeriTowne

Sponsor Spotlight: Colorado Public Radio’s senior host Ryan Warner visits Young AmeriTowne

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Ryan Warner, senior host of Colorado Public Radio’s “Colorado Matters“, visited with a group of 5th grade students in Young AmeriTowne earlier this week. After welcoming the students and sharing a few jokes, Ryan discussed the importance of distinguishing between facts vs. opinions when conducting interviews and reporting the news.

Ryan Warner poses with four students in the Radio Station in Young AmeriTowne

Senior Host of CPR’s Colorado Matters, Ryan Warner, hangs out with students in the Young AmeriTowne Radio Station.

“Is everything you read on the internet true?… My job as a journalist is to separate fact from fiction… If I say Coke is better than Pepsi, is that a fact? It is important to know the difference between a fact and opinion.”

Ryan spent the next hour interacting with students as they visited the Young AmeriTowne Radio Station. He shared insights about media literacy and even helped with the ‘Joke of the Day’ contest.

For several years, Colorado Public Radio has sponsored the Radio Station in Young AmeriTowne at our Cherry Creek location. It is always one of the most popular shops in Towne, with 5th graders clamoring to work there.

We recently opened a new version of Young AmeriTowne for smaller school groups which also includes a Radio Station among its 10 shops, and our friends at Colorado Public Radio eagerly stepped up to sponsor that station as well.

Both stations are equipped with a broadcast desk, microphone, speakers and a music library. Radio Station “employees” act as DJs during their day in Towne. The Radio Station also provides a lesson in marketing.  Each of the shops in Towne submits an advertisement that DJs read during song breaks. This advertising revenue helps the shop pay off their bank loan and make a profit for their shop.

We are grateful to Colorado Public Radio for their ongoing support in creating a space filled with both learning and entertainment.

Thanks to the support of sponsors like Colorado Public Radio, thousands of students have the opportunity to learn about ethics, business, economics and free enterprise in a fun, hands-on way each year. And who doesn’t love a good Joke of the Day contest?!

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