Many students are shown smiling and working in the Fun Services YAT shop. Fun Services, a local Colorado company, plays a big role in providing this real-life experience for thousands of young people every year.

Sponsor Spotlight: Fun Services provides real-life shopping experience

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A boy is dumbing toys into a bin. He is helping to stock the Young AmeriTowne warehouse shop.

A Fun Services Warehouse employee fills a bin of yo-yos to deliver to the Towne Investment Company for sale.

Year after year, students and teachers agree that Young AmeriTowne is both valuable and fun because kids get to be an adult for a day.  Today, we’d like to highlight proud sponsor Fun Services, a local Colorado company, that plays a big role in providing this real-life experience for thousands of young people every year.

In order for student participants to experience supply and demand in action, every AmeriTowne shop sells products and/or services.  Fun Services provides many of these products for a free or for a reduced rate, which allows Young Americans Center to stock the latest and greatest toys in AmeriTowne and International Towne!  Popular items in Young AmeriTowne this year include glow-in-the-dark skeletons sold by the Medical Center, waterball yo-yos sold by the Investment Company, and engravable dog-tag necklaces sold by the Warehouse.

The Young AmeriTowne shopping experience is just like the real world.  Students can purchase most items using cash, check, or debit card, and they can even order two items “online” at kiosks throughout Towne square.  When a student orders a dog-tag necklace, for example, Warehouse employees customize the necklace before it is shipped, via the Young AmeriTowne Parcel Service, to the person who ordered it.  All shipping is free!

A big part of the magic of Young AmeriTowne is that students aren’t just pretending—they are actually participating in a mini economy.  When they buy and sell products, students learn important lessons such as budgeting and opportunity cost, lessons that will help them make decisions when they are adults.  Young Americans Center is grateful for the long-time support of Fun Services, a valuable contributor to this hands-on learning experience.

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