Sponsor Spotlight: Fun Services Puts the ‘Fun’ in Young AmeriTowne

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Putting the “fun” in Young AmeriTowne, Fun Services, Inc. has supplied our Towne Warehouses with products for students to buy and sell for over 21 years. Fun Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated party supply and event rental company. For close to 42 years, they have been a part of the Denver community and are engaged in school fundraising programs offering their products for student holiday marketplaces and carnivals.

The Warehouse is one of the most important shops in Towne as it provides each shop with products to sell.

Young AmeriTowne warehouse employee sorting inventory for delivery

Young AmeriTowne Warehouse employee sorting inventory for delivery

Students stay busy counting inventory and delivering products to every shop in Towne twice every day.

Warehouse Shop “employees” are responsible for ensuring each shipment contains the correct number of products. The “Shop Manager” is responsible for the overall operation of the Warehouse and an “Accountant” is in charge of paying the Warehouse’s expenses, including paychecks, and for depositing all earnings in the AmeriTowne Bank.

John Kindsfather, the owner of Fun Services, Inc., has insider’s knowledge of the Young AmeriTowne financial education program, because he attended it himself as an elementary student. In fact, John’s role for the day was Towne Mayor!

We recently connected with John to reflect on his longtime partnership with Young AmeriTowne:

As the former Mayor of Young AmeriTowne, what memories can you share?

The memory of being Mayor at YAT is etched in my mind. It was such a fun and educational experience. I loved having my own account and the ability to earn and save money. I was so excited when I got to write a check (yes, I said write a check. It was that long ago – haha) for a fun item.

The partnership between Young Americans Center for Financial Education and Fun Services started 21 years ago. How have you seen it develop since you have been involved and also since you have taken over as owner of the company?

The relationship with Young Americans has always meant a lot to our company. The value the Young Americans program brings to our youth has inspired us to continue our effort to do the same. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside YAT as they have continued to find ways to reach out to our community. We are very proud to be a part of such a great program!

Rich Martinez, CEO of Young Americans, poses with Young AmeriTowne "Mayor" and John Kindsfather of Fun Services

Rich Martinez, CEO of Young Americans Center, poses with Young AmeriTowne “Mayor” and John Kindsfather of Fun Services, Inc.

Since taking over as the owner of Fun Services, how do you see the connection between the two organizations growing? Or what would you like to see develop?

I would like to continue to work together to ensure our programs are available to as many students as possible. Sharing our stories with local schools will help ensure each new generation knows the value of introducing real world problem solving to our youth.

As a business owner, what financial lessons would you like to see taught to students? How did Young AmeriTowne prepare you for your role in today’s business world?

For me, learning about saving and investing money is so important. I wish I would have had more guidance in this area of my education. Understanding the power of compound interest and time can change a person’s life in a profound way. Setting a budget that allows for saving a little of each paycheck is something you never look back on and regret. 

Young Americans taught me that getting a job and earning money is fun and exciting. Earning a paycheck and having freedom to decide what to do with it gave me a feeling of independence. YAT also taught me to be ambitious, set goals and budget my finances.

YAT kick started my desire to manage finances responsibly. I try to save a little and give a little out of every dollar I earn. Giving back to a cause you’re passionate about or to the community you live in is a very rewarding feeling.

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