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Sponsor Spotlight: Giving is for kids, too, thanks to Community First Foundation

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This is the time of year when we think about giving back to our communities.  Thanks to Community First Foundation, young people can actively participate in philanthropy themselves!

According to its website, Community First Foundation was founded in 1975 as Lutheran Medical Center Foundation.  The name has changed over the years, but the mission to “increase generosity and power community for positive change” remains the same, with a particular focus on the Jefferson County community.

Young AmeriTowne Belmar Philanthropy Presentation

On May 18, 2018, the Young AmeriTowne Mayor and Community Relations Director donated $76,709.21 AmeriTowne Dollars to Colorado nonprofits, matched by the Community First Foundation.

Community First Foundation has partnered with Young Americans Center for Financial Education for the last 14 years to bring hands-on experience in philanthropy to Young AmeriTowne.  While in Towne, 5th graders can donate their hard-earned AmeriTowne dollars at the Community First Foundation donation station.  At the end of the school year, Community First Foundation turns AmeriTowne dollars into US dollars by matching each student donation at 10%–up to $3,000.  This “real” money is donated to six charities. Young people are very philanthropic—last year, students donated $76,709.21 AmeriTowne dollars!

Community First Foundation helps kids give in another way as well.  Young people can go to to explore Colorado nonprofits for themselves.  Since most young people don’t have credit cards, adults can even purchase online “giving certificates” for young people to use.  Students participating in Spark Change use to help research their charities and service projects.

Feeling inspired?  Colorado Gives Day, presented by Community First Foundation, is right around the corner on Tuesday, December 4.  This year, why not participate in this annual statewide movement with your children.  As Community First Foundation demonstrates, giving is for kids, too.

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