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Sponsor Spotlight: How Xcel Energy Supports Our Community

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Community support is central to Xcel Energy’s DNA, but the events of the last nine months have made it even more so. A long-time partner of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, Xcel Energy has gone above and beyond to help students, families, businesses, and nonprofits weather the storm. According to Xcel’s Chairman and CEO Ben Fowke, Xcel Energy is “dedicating more than $20 million to support short- and long-term corporate giving, including COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.” Here are just a few other examples.

The school year has been difficult for all students, but students of color face even greater challenges. In the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, Xcel Energy has teamed with local nonprofits to provide resources for learning pods so students have access to the internet, meals, and tutoring services.

By supporting local nonprofits in southwestern North Dakota, Xcel Energy is helping families with their basic needs. As these nonprofits provide food, shelter, utilities, clothing, childcare, rent, and more, Xcel Energy is ensuring families have what they need now and into the future. And, most recently, the organization has stepped in with substantial support to help the restaurant sector.

Young AmeriTowne students gain a hands-on lesson in financial education that will last a lifetime, thanks to Xcel Energy Foundation.

Here in Colorado, Xcel Energy Foundation continues to fund Young AmeriTowne, despite a shift in program delivery. The Center has adapted curriculum to fit a virtual delivery model, providing lessons free of charge to all schools. Thanks to this support, teachers continue to deliver invaluable financial education to their students, preparing them to lead a financially successful life.

According to Michael Gersack, Vice President of Innovation and Transformation at Xcel Energy and Board Member at Young Americans Center, supporting AmeriTowne is more important than ever. “Xcel Energy believes giving back to the communities we serve is essential. We want to make sure every young person has the knowledge and skills they need make and manage their money wisely.”

In the Young AmeriTowne program, students learn that businesses and nonprofits come together to provide vital services to a community. Thank you, Xcel Energy and Xcel Energy Foundation, for providing a real-life, tangible example of this partnership in so many ways.

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