Sponsor Spotlight –Jack and Judy Pottle and family support a generation of learning

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The reach of Young Americans is impressive—more than 67,000 young people participate in Young Americans Bank or a program of Young Americans Center for Financial Education every year.  But this reach is even more exciting for those who played a part in the founding of Young Americans, built programs for youth through the first years, and who continue to make hands-on financial literacy possible, people like Jack and Judy Pottle and their daughter Betsy Poell.

Business Competition winner Austin Honey with their mentor, Jack Pottle, in 2009.

Business competition winner Austin Honey with their mentor, Jack Pottle, in 2009.

A Colorado native, Jack Pottle has a background in cable/telecommunications, real estate,  investments, and community involvement.  After working on the original feasibility study for Young Americans Bank in the early 1980s, he served on the Young Americans Board from 2004 -2008, and was a Presenting Mentor at the 2009 young entrepreneur annual business competition, now called Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars.  Jack is current Principal at JBC Capital Partners.

Judy, an educator, has classroom and community based leadership experience.  Her passion for literacy extended to volunteering to help establish a library at Escuela de Guadalupe and at the DPS Stephen Knight Center for Early Education where she was recently recognized with a Channel 7 “Everyday Hero Award.” When Young Ameritowne was initially introduced she quickly spread the word to many Cherry Creek Schools to inform them of the tremendous opportunity for their students to grow in Financial Education.  Judy was instrumental in getting the “On The Road” program to Grand Junction through a former first grade student that is now in Mesa County Schools Administration. It makes her happy that they will be visiting for a fourth year, serving 1,000 students starting next week.

Mayor Betsy Poell smiles in a green hat. She is the mayor of Young AmeriTowne

Betsy Poell served as Mayor of Young AmeriTowne in 1992.

Daughter Betsy Poell (former Young Ameritowne Mayor!) manages the family foundation while raising her two young sons.  Both are already looking forward to their turn to come to Young AmeriTowne.  Betsy also donated her time this summer to serve as a judge for the Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars business competition.

Both Jack and Judy have been long-time supporters of many Colorado nonprofits, including Young Americans Center for Financial Education.  At Young Americans, their primary focus has been expanding access to hands-on financial literacy programs such as Young AmeriTowne and International Towne to students throughout the state.  For example, their partnership enabled AmeriTowne to go On the Road in 2014, serving students in communities outside of the Denver metro area.  Most recently, the JJP Family Foundation’s support of Send-a-School helped 8,806 low-income students and schools to participate in Young AmeriTowne and International Towne on scholarship last year.

Young Americans Center does so much more than teach about money.  Supporters like Jack and Judy Pottle and Betsy Poell have helped bring financial education to life so that a generation of young people can experience hands-on, real life programs.

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