Students and Advisor are having a conversation outside Young AmeriTowne Towne Hall

Sponsor Spotlight: Janus Henderson Helps Youth Achieve Their Full Potential

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Since its inception, the Janus Henderson Foundation has contributed $45 million to thousands of nonprofits and Young Americans Center for Financial Education is thrilled to be one of them!

As they help people to reach their goals with their investment products, Janus Henderson also invests in their community.Students and Advisor are having a conversation outside Young AmeriTowne Towne Hall With a mission to help youth achieve their full potential through access to better educational opportunities, the Janus Henderson Foundation supports programs that foster blended learning, early childhood literacy, enhanced student/teacher relationships and financial education.

Young Americans Center and Janus Henderson have had a valued partnership since 2001. With support close to $550,000, the Foundation has enabled thousands of students to build financial self-sufficiency, smart money management skills and curiosity about entrepreneurship through participation in our Young AmeriTowne programs. As the exclusive sponsor of the Towne Hall at our Denver and Lakewood locations, Janus Henderson is front and center in showing students what they can become and helping to cultivate their talents for the future.

Janus Henderson takes their community outreach seriously and likes to be involved with their partners. With Michelle Marcano-Johnson, Head of Corporate Compliance, North America serving on the Board of Directors for Young Americans Center, and Demesha Hill, Head of Diversity and Community Relations, and Onon Wedum, Diversity & Community Relations Coordinator, participating on our upcoming Girls CAN speaker panel, we couldn’t be happier. These relationships and connections are what allow us to make a difference—together.Janus Henderson Word Cloud

Young Americans Center is honored to be a longtime Colorado community partner with the Janus Henderson Foundation to help them deliver on their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of quality education. Having this common purpose and knowing that the biggest changes happen when we work together is what community is all about.

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