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Sponsor Spotlight: Kroenke Sports Charities Help Youth Understand the Value of Fun

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Sports. The activity and entertainment so many of us are anxiously awaiting to return, especially our young ones, is sports. Going to an Avs hockey game, cheering on the Colorado Rapids, donning a Nuggets jersey that matches their parents’–these are all moments that stay with a child for life. These moments, however, cost money. Here at Young AmeriTowne, students learn the value of wisely saving and spending their hard-earned AmeriTowne wages for the activities they want to do most, such as taking a trip to the Young AmeriTowne Sports Venue shop.

At both the Lakewood and Denver Young AmeriTowne locations, Kroenke Sports Charities sponsors a student-favorite destination: the Sports Venue shop.  At this shop, students get to try to see how fast they can put on a full Colorado Avalanche player’s jersey and gear or buy fun, interactive toys that they can take home. To do all this, though, they must have it budgeted in their spending plan. Does the student want to spend all their wages on the Snack Shop or do they want to allocate some funds to the Snack Shop and the rest to playing games in the Sports Venue shop? These important questions and lessons help students understand that the fun sports events and activities they enjoy cost money and need to be thoughtfully planned for.

Kroenke Volunteers in Young AmeriTowne Belmar assisting program

Kroenke volunteers from the Colorado Avalanche assisted students in Young AmeriTowne last December, helping them understand how to save for activities we love.

With a mission to “improve lives through the spirit and power of sports,” Kroenke Sports Charities helps the students of Young AmeriTowne understand how saving and the wise use of money is key to enjoying the sports they love so much. Deb Dowling Canino, Vice President, Community Relations / Executive Director, Kroenke Sports Charities (KSC), explains KSC’s important role in the Young AmeriTowne students’ experience. “Entertainment expenses are a part of everyone’s lives, whether it’s going to the movies, traveling, or going to a sporting event. Starting the conversation about saving in order to partake in the activities we love sets up our youth to lead self-sufficient lives when they’re older as well as understanding and appreciating the value of their parents taking them to sporting events.”

When the students enter the Sports Venue shop, their eyes beam with excitement. Through using their Young AmeriTowne wages for their fun sports activities, they begin to connect the dots that saving is important for many reasons, one being having fun!  Thank you, Kroenke Sports Charities, for giving Denver and Lakewood students the hands-on, real-life opportunities to learn about smart saving and spending.

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