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Sponsor Spotlight: Life Lessons for Local Coloradoans

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King Soopers Market Sale: A cashier gives snacks to a Young AmeriTowne citizen with a check

A King Soopers Cashier helps a customer make a purchase at the Market in Young AmeriTowne.

Supporting local education programs is an important initiative for King Soopers.  According to their website, “Last year alone, [King Soopers] provided $34.2 million to support schools and education programs,” including hands-on financial education programs at Young Americans Center.  Today, we’re taking a look back to the beginnings of this relationship to see how King Soopers ensures that young Coloradoans can grow up knowing to spend, save, and share their money wisely.

Since the fall of 2004, King Soopers has had a presence at the Young AmeriTowne Market in Denver.  King Soopers staff members volunteered their time to design and install shop décor, and the shop opened with a huge celebration including a five-foot long cake!  This support continues today, and in the last 15 years, more than 300,000 youth have received a hands-on lesson in financial education through Young AmeriTowne.

The King Soopers Market in Young AmeriTowne provides students with tangible lessons that stick with them for life.  Student employees set business goals, develop a marketing and pricing strategy, take out a business loan, and run a grocery store that sells real products.  Ten-year-old Bayden wrote, “[In Young AmeriTowne], I learned that you can sell advertisements to make more money in a shop. I think this will help me later in life when I get a job and want to make a profit in my shop.”  Bayden worked in the Market when Bromley East Charter School attended AmeriTowne.

Students working in the King Soopers Market wear aprons that say “I’m Local!  Colorado Grown.”  Young Americans Center is proud to recognize King Soopers for their continued support of local, Colorado students.  Together, we’re ensuring that a generation of youth can grow up money-wise.

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