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Sponsor Spotlight: Managing money the right way, thanks to Adolph Coors Foundation

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Imagine a Colorado where every youth, regardless of background, knows how to earn, make and manage his or her money wisely.  Adolph Coors Foundation shares this vision through its support of hands-on financial education at Young Americans Center.

Essential to Young Americans Center is the belief that children learn best when they are doing. In Young AmeriTowne, fifth graders hold a job, deposit their paycheck into a bank account, and budget their time and money.  In International Towne, middle school students practice using a credit card responsibly and calculate tariffs for imports and exports.  And through YouthBiz, middle school students create a budget, take out a business loan, and calculate start-up costs for a business.

All of these experiences prepare students for future financial success.  After attending Young AmeriTowne last spring with Black Rock Elementary, a St. Vrain Valley School, ten-year-old Alex wrote, “I learned how to cash in money, write a check, and deposit money.  I feel ready to get a real job!”  International Towne participant Kylie, a student at Jefferson County School District’s Deer Creek Middle School, wrote, “Honestly, I think International Towne will make us make smarter choices about money when we grow up!”

By supporting hands-on financial education, Adolph Coors Foundation ensures that today’s young people grow up with the knowledge and experience to make healthy financial decisions as adults.  Thank you for making these lessons possible.

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