China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and India flags shown from International Towne

Sponsor Spotlight: U.S. Bank Foundation provides real-world learning in International Towne for all students

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U.S. Bank volunteers helped International Towne students run the world for a day.

Nearly 11,000 young people experience International Towne, a hands-on lesson in global economics, every year.  This number includes more than 1,800 students who participate as part of the Send-a-School scholarship initiative, funded in part by proud supporter U.S. Bank Foundation. What makes this learning so powerful, particularly for low-income students, is that the lessons they are learning will help them in the real world.

For example, students use credit cards in International Towne just as they would if they were visiting a foreign country.  A Customs Agent from Germany can conveniently swipe her credit card to buy a mask in Ghana rather than exchanging her money into a different currency.  However, this convenience comes with a cost—the Customs Agent must pay her credit card bill by the end of the day, and the bill includes an interest fee.

Another concept students experience first-hand is international trade and economics.  A Finance Minister working in Japan must calculate both the revenue from exporting goods and the expenses incurred from importing goods.  Japan exports computers to Australia and imports plastics from Singapore.  After attending International Towne, Annabelle writes, “I always had trouble learning about [the] economy.  It just never clicked.  With International Towne, I suddenly understand!”

U.S. Bank Foundation has supported the hands-on learning programs of Young Americans Center for Financial Education for the last 11 years.  Thank you, U.S. Bank Foundation, for making these lessons possible!

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