UPS Volunteers Young AmeriTowne with Eagleview with Towne Mayor

Sponsor Spotlight: UPS Volunteers Deliver a Day in Young AmeriTowne

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Preparing for a day in Young AmeriTowne requires effort from students, teachers, and parents. So, there’s nothing worse than doing all of the work and then having your day cancelled due to snow.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened for students at Eagleview Elementary, an Adams 12 school in Thornton. A January snow storm derailed their visit to Young AmeriTowne, and rescheduling the date became a challenge as teachers and Young Americans Center staff had to work around school holidays, testing, staff availability, and space availability.

Fortunately, dedicated volunteers from The UPS Foundation stepped in to ensure Eagleview students could still participate in the AmeriTowne program. Volunteers helped Young Americans staff members set up AmeriTowne On the Road in record time so that staff could squeeze in three sessions for Eagleview students between visits to Colorado Springs and Durango. “This day would not be possible without UPS volunteers,” said Towne Director Chris O’Reilly, “And we are so grateful they are here to help!”

UPS Volunteer Jennifer with Students in Young AmeriTowne

UPS Volunteer Jennifer helped students create a paper in the AmeriTowne Newspaper Shop.

In addition to setting up the Towne, volunteers took on a business consultant role for the Young AmeriTowne shops. In the Newspaper shop, Editor Charley, age 11, appreciated UPS volunteer Jennifer’s assistance setting up the shop. “Jennifer helped us with our ‘to-do’ list,” said Charley, who added that she was so excited to be able to write her own editorial in the Newspaper.

Miranda Welchman, HR Supervisor at UPS in Denver, has volunteered at Young Americans Center in the past, but Eagleview was her first time helping in the AmeriTowne program. “I’m so happy we could be here,” she said. “It’s clear that the students love the AmeriTowne program, so I’m happy we could make this day happen.”

The collaboration between Young Americans and UPS began two decades ago when UPS first became a sponsor of Young AmeriTowne, thanks to an introduction by a UPS driver who was a parent volunteer in Young AmeriTowne. Thank you, UPS, for continuing this tradition of volunteer and financial support and for your impact on financial education at Young Americans Center!

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