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We’re starting a new monthly series called “Spotlight on Sponsorship” that will highlight the tremendous sponsors we have at Young Americans.  Get an intro here.

Towne sponsors received recognition above their respective shops.

Towne sponsors received recognition above their respective shops.

As a non-profit organization we rely on the generosity of donors in order to run, expand, and enrich our unique financial literacy programming. Our donors are enabling Colorado’s workforce of the future to develop money smarts that will stick with them throughout life, preparing them with the financial know-how to become self-sufficient contributors to the economy. Read this post by our awesome summer intern J.D. Yaklich for a clear example of how memories of our signature programs, like Young AmeriTowne, impact life later on.

Young Americans’ sponsorship model is not typical, mirroring our creative and hands-on approach to financial education. Most of our donations are made by corporations and corporate foundations, as opposed to individual donor giving. Supporters are able to target specific areas of our organization which they would like to be associated with. For example, each shop in Young AmeriTowne has its own sponsor, or shared sponsorship, with some differentiations between AmeriTowne locations. Companies are encouraged to brand the shops in such a way that youth participants are both immersed in an authentic work environment, and understand the power of brand-marketing. Shop sponsorship encourages  young customers to get familiar with our various sponsor  names and logos, as the students proudly wear uniforms sporting our supporters  logos over the course of the day. Similar to Young AmeriTowne, International Towne has regional and country sponsors, highlighting the role Colorado companies play in global trade.

Our Send-a-School program is another avenue in which donors financially support our AmeriTowne and International Towne programs. Send-a-School dollars cover the majority of the costs of coming to our facilities for schools that have more than 50% of their students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Donors to this program enable inclusivity of our programs, and similar scholarship funds exist for summer camp financial-aid. Send-a-School is a great way for businesses to invest money in their communities, and we are continually appreciative.

I could go on about the many ways you or your company can support Young Americans. This blog series, Sponsor Spotlight, will take a look at specific sponsors of ours, and will explore how they’re impacting our organization as a whole.

Looking to give a gift to Young Americans? We’d love to see you at our upcoming event, the Leadership Luncheon (link), otherwise you can give a gift online.

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