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Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Winner: Hannah Doolittle

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Hannah Doolittle - Winner of Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars 2o21

Hannah Doolittle of Simply Denver Soap Co., Age 13, Winner of YouthBiz Stars 12-15 age category

Hannah Doolittle (age 13) is the owner of Simply Denver Soap Co., LLC and winner of the 2021 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars 12-15 Age Category.

Pre-pandemic, sales of Hannah’s all-natural handmade soap were primarily in-person. When those sales

opportunities dried up due to COVID, Hannah had to devise a completely new business plan. While this may have deterred other young entrepreneurs, Hannah was motivated to find new ways to market and sell her soaps. For her, pivoting to online sales was important. And while changing her business model was daunting,

it was also valuable because it showed her how necessary it is for a business to adapt to changing circumstances.

Her dedication to her business and willingness to pivot and explore new ideas impressed the judges. “Hannah has designed an attractive soap product with a sensible expansion strategy and runs her business like a true professional,” noted the judges.

With help from her mentor, Jim Reuter, Hannah hopes to solidify and grow her online presence and expand her business into additional local stores.

Find out more about Simply Denver Soap Co. here:

Watch as Hanna meets her mentor Jim Reuter for the first time.

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