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Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Winner: Yard Boyz

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16-21 Age Category

Jack Fleming, Age 18, is the owner of Yard Boyz, 2019 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars winner.

Many teens mow lawns to earn money in the summer. But Jack Fleming has re-defined what it means to be the neighborhood lawn-kid through his business Yard Boyz.

In existence since 2015, Jack’s unparalleled customer service, marketing efforts and determination helped him grow his businesses from mowing a few lawns a week to providing lawn and basic landscaping to more than 70 regular clients this past summer. He even employs two friends to help.

Over the next year, Jack plans to simplify the administration and scheduling aspects of his business with the help of his mentor, Ryan Beiser, Regional President and Head of Corporate Banking for Colorado at PNC. He also hopes to discover more about himself, particularly what career path he might want to pursue.

Watch Jack’s winner video where he meets his mentor Ryan for the first time!

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